Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekly What's Up

Hey guys - here's the week ahead...

Monday: Work, Meeting at Taste of Texas, Young Life Movie Night

Tuesday: Eye Doctor, Work, Gym, Grocery Store, Baking

Wednesday: Gym, Work, Gym, Baking

Thursday: Drive to Colleyville (parent's house), Thanksgiving Dinner, Friday Shopping Prep, Walking neighborhood, nap, A&M vs. tu game w/ Jamie

Friday: EARLY Black Friday shopping, nap, drive home from Colleyville, Randy Rogers Band at House of Blues

Saturday: Gym, Clean house, work at Taste of Texas

Sunday: Church, lunch with Nicole, Nap/Clean, Gym

Hope everyone has a great Turkey Day and has many things to be grateful for!

NaBloWriMo: Day 22

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