Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Floatsam - 11.06.09

NaBloWriMo: Day 6

This has been the first Friday floatsam in AWHILE... Life has been a little out of control w/ b-day celebrations, dogs escaping, Young Life, working out, etc, etc, etc.

- As for the dogs - holy cow they cause us a lot of heartache! Last Friday I got a call from my neighbor that she heard the dogs break the fence and saw muddy pawprints on her driveway, so she knew they were out. I immediately headed home. While I was on my way there, I got a call from someone in the neighborhood and they had them. So I rushed home, picked them up and got them back to the house. After baths and a nap I realized that Panch wasn't moving too well. It turns out he sprained his back in the escape - he's not as spry as he used to be!

Fast forward to Wednesday when I came home, opened the back door to let them in, and no dogs. They had busted 2 boards off of the fence, but I had no idea what time they got out, so I hit the roads looking for them. I drove for 2 hours on Wednesday night and then again first thing Thursday morning to no avail. I just kept waiting for someone to call. The fact that I didn't find them, didn't see them on the road somewhere (this is a factor mainly because Jolee chases cars), and animal control hadn't picked them up had me perplexed. Finally at 11am, while I was posting signs all over the neighborhood, I got a call from the Houston Humane Society. A lady in my neighborhood had picked them up and taken them there Wednesday afternoon. Why they waited so long to call me, I'm not sure. But I'm really glad she made the effort and that my pups were safe. Jolee had so much fun that she ran the pads off of her paws, so she's not real comfortable right now, but at least it slows her down a bit!

- I was busy in the kitchen last Sunday - I made all of my meals for the week from Hungry Girl - Sassy Salsa Pumpkin Soup, Pumpkin Bread (in muffin form), Sweet Breaded Chicken Fingers and a Chocolate Peanut Butter Upside Down Cheesecake. Most of them were pretty good, nothing outstanding this round. The only thing I probably won't make again would be the pumpkin soup - even with the salsa, it didn't have enough kick to it for this TX girl!

- I'm getting more and more geared up for Steamboat! Our room is all settled and now I'm just trying to help some friends out. It's going to be another stellar year!

- My fitness quest has been off and on - this week has been pretty good, last week not so much. I still can't manage to get up and get to the gym early early, although that would be ideal. We'll see how it goes this week. I HAVE been better at getting to the gym at night though! At least that's something...

- This weekend should be a good one... Monte Montgomery tonight at Firehouse Saloon, tomorrow is breakfast with the girls and then the Michael Jackson movie, This Is It, with Courtney. I'll do some fence repair and Christmas decorating that afternoon and then meet up with Mel to head to Victoria to see Wade and the guys play. Sunday is church, lunch with Nicole, and more Christmas decorating! Followed by a small group with some of my YL girls... Always busy, but should be very productive!

And yes, I'm decorating for Christmas now, because this is my LAST FREE WEEKEND UNTIL CHRISTMAS. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Nutcracker Market next weekend (working at The Crystal Ranch), OK/Ft Worth the next weekend to hunt with Jocelyn and then see Wade Bowen's Live at Billy Bob's recording, then it's Thanksgiving weekend and I start working at Taste of Texas up through Christmas Eve! Considering last year's debacle with the top of the Christmas tree in the beer bucket, I'm working to not let that happen again!

Ok - I think that's enough rambling for one day... not sure if anyone's even reading! LOL!

P.S. A short prayer list... Ft. Hood soldiers and families, MULTIPLE friends expecting little ones (hopefully one will make his appearance this week!) and those supported through Compassion International and World Vision - I have one kid from each. Reading about their circumstances makes my worst day seem like one of their best days...

Until next time... God Bless!

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