Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekly What's Up

NaBloWriMo: Day 8

I know most of you won't care, but just in case you want to know what lies ahead for my week, here's a brief summary (this is an easy post because I plan out my week and meals each Sunday morning to get my head on straight...)

Sunday: Church, lunch w/ Nicole, Interior Christmas decorating, Sunday Small Group with my YL girls

Monday: Spin Class (EARLY!), Work (walking Memorial @ lunch if anyone wants to join me), Cardio Kickboxing and then Young Life

Tuesday: Power Pump Class (EARLY!), Work (walking Memorial again - same offer stands!), Bible Study w/ Beth Moore

Wednesday: Veteran's Day! Scratched out what was previously here... Aunt Beth's burial is taking place - I'm flying up to DFW and then flying back that night.

Thursday thru Sunday: NUTCRACKER MARKET! For those that don't know what this is, it's a HUGE shopping extravaganza held at Reliant Center. I'll be working in a friends boutique, The Crystal Ranch. So if you find yourself there in the middle of things, stop by and say hello!

And that my friends, is my week...

In closing, please keep my grandmother (Nana, mom's mom) in your prayers, her last remaining sibling, Aunt Beth, passed away peacefully this morning. This was not a surprise and has been much anticipated due to poor health in the past few months. As my Nana said, she was no longer living, she was existing. She's in a much better place. But my grandmother has to make all of the arrangements, which are taxing, and travel to Dallas to bury her next to her late husband. This will also be taxing on my mom as she will have to handle the Dallas end of things on a very busy schedule. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers in advance...

Hope you all have a blessed week ahead!

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