Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekly What's Up

NaBloWriMo: Day 15

And for the week ahead...

Sunday: Nutcracker Market and tear down

Monday: Work, Cardio Kickboxing, Young Life Club

Tuesday: Birmingham - leaving early morning, coming back that evening - makes for a long day! (Um, I missed my flight... oops. I left my ID in my back pocket of the jeans that were laying on the floor of my closet. So I stayed in Houston, took the meeting via conference call, and got to go to the final study in the series of Revelation with Beth Moore - YAY!! She's doing David - A Heart Like His in the spring - want to join me?!?!)

Wednesday: Spin Class, Work (go get Iphone at lunch!), Zumba, Home (start clearing the wreckage that is my house!)

Thursday: Power Pump, Work, Strength Class, Spin, Home (continue clearing wreckage)

Friday: Spin Class, Clean house, pack, drive to Oklahoma to see Jocelyn and Mason

Saturday: Hunting w/ Jocelyn, drive to my parents, Wade Bowen's Live at Billy Bob's CD recording! YAY!!

It's going to be another busy one...

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