Sunday, March 7, 2010

Howdy strangers...

Ok - I know I've neglected the blog. As usual, I have good intentions, but life just doesn't allow me to do it all. And I'm ok with that.

I have SO many recipes to post. And they will ALL be posted TOMORROW. I want to clear out the back log. Plus, I've modified my nutrition plan and am on a pretty 'clean' eating program. A lot of this revolves around my goal for 2010 which was to live a life of ACTION and actually take the steps to fulfill the things I've been talking about for YEARS. So after Monday, many of the recipes posted here will have a healthy slant - I can't wait to share one morning breakfast with you - I love it! That might come next week... If anyone is interested in knowing the 'plan' or guidelines I'm following, they are from The Body Fat Solution by Tom Venuto

Other than that, it's March, which means it's Rodeo season, which means I am NEVER at home. Once again I'm on the Corral Club Committee (Club West) and I'm working at my friend's booth in Reliant Center, The Crystal Ranch. I'm up there at least 6 days a week - and the only day I'm not up there means I'm either at Young Life or Bible Study.

Ok - I'm signing off... I'll post the recipes tomorrow and then post when I have anything I deem 'important' to share...

Have a great week!

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