Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Floatsam - 08.21.2009

A few random thoughts/happenings/suggestions/etc...

  • Last weekend I got to see my perfect musical storm - Sean McConnell and Wade Bowen in concert together in the hill country with some of my favorite friends and a bottle of wine. Does it get much better than that?
  • My vehicle and I have become a little too well acquainted over the past month or so. The traveling isn't going to stop anytime soon, but I'll be in the air instead of on the road. Dallas this weekend, Birmingham on Tuesday, possibly Nacadoches next weekend (I'm riding, NOT driving), Bryan the weekend after that followed by Boston, Denver (work) and then Baltimore/Washington D.C. My dogs are going to hate me. I won't have a weekend at home until October.
  • My roommate, Kaila, moves out this weekend. She was a totally unexpected surprise and delight this summer. I'm going to miss her, but will be happy to return to my anal-retentive dishwasher loading methods. (Ha!)
  • Every time I hear about future plans for the Firehouse Saloon in Houston, I get more and more excited - there are some awesome, and long overdue things headed our way - finally!
  • I don't think I will ever understand corporate radio - and I don't think I want to. Ignorance is bliss in this case.
  • My Young Life friends, past and present, continue to amaze me. Some have just left for college, some are returning to college, and the rest are looking forward to the year ahead in high school. I can't wait for it all to get started again and I'm excited to see what the year ahead will bring for all of them... and me too!
  • I had major plans to workout this week - but they haven't happened. I do have a cleaner house though - that should count for something! I will start again next week - or something like that. I really wish paying for gym memberships would magically melt pounds off of you - who needs to sweat? (I'll be more accountable here next week - I'll post what I've done, or haven't done, and I'll be honest, yuck.)
  • This week I made the following: Turkey Tacos, Red Hot Chicken Salad and Faux Vietnamese Coffee - all 3 hit the spot! I'll be sharing one of the recipes as a bonus tomorrow...

See y'all then! Have a great weekend! God Bless!

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