Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stamp Camp - June 2008

The theme for stamp camp last month was 'Watercolor'. We used a few different techniques including water color crayons and using drops of ink as well. Most people preferred the water color crayons, but at the time, I really liked just the tried and true drops of ink with an aqua painter. After having a few days separation, my water color crayon projects (the pear and the flower) didn't turn out too bad after all... Not sure if it justifies the cost of the crayons though.





The theme for swap cards this month was 'sympathy cards'. Here's the one I created - you'll recognize the color scheme and stamp set from the bookmark I made earlier in the month. I love chocolate (the color, and the food actually) with most colors, so this is one of my favorite color schemes. And it happens to be one of my favorite stamp sets too - I just don't get to use it all that often!

All I\'ve Created

Next month there's no set "theme' for stamp camp - we're just making a variety of cards. And the swamp is based on a layout - I'm interested to see what people come up with - myself included!

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