Sunday, July 13, 2008

TWD - Double Crusted Blueberry Pie

This week's TWD selection was made by Amy at South in Your Mouth. I was excited to see she picked the Double Crusted Blueberry Pie - it was perfectly suited for the week of July 4th! Of course I didn't MAKE it for the 4th, but enjoyed the blueberries being in season none the less! I made this yesterday for a group of girls in my bible study this summer. It's the same girls I took to Frontier Ranch in June. They were a little shy about digging in at first, but at the end, they did a good job finishing it off so I didn't have to come home with any leftovers. I laughed when one girl said it reminder her of "a mix of fruity pebbles and a pop tart! " Another girl looked at her with this look on her face and said "Did you just compare this pie that she made to a pop tart!?!" It was pretty funny... I think she got the fruity pebble vibe from the lemon zest that was included.

I thought all aspects of this pie came together pretty easily. I was a little nervous about the flour and sugar in the filling - I didn't want it to be gritty. So after I poured it all into the pie crust, I poured it all back into the bowl second guessing whether to include it all. What I forgot about was that there were bread crumbs in the bottom of my pie crust - EEK! I ultimately decided that Dorie knows best and just made sure the flour and sugar was incorporated into the berries pretty well (and the bread crumbs!) and poured it all back in hoping for the best. And from the looks of the pie plate at the end... there were NO ISSUES! And you couldn't taste the breadcrumbs in the filling, so nothing was ruined with my second guessing...

Oh, and I took a cue from one of the many TWD blogs I read and made little pie crust cookies with the remaining dough. The girls (and myself) definitely cleared those out as well - I'm happy not to throw away pie dough anymore!

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