Sunday, July 13, 2008

TWD - Chocolate Pudding

Finally! I got something done on time! Amazing!

I'll admit - when I first saw the recipe for this week, I thought it was just a whole lot of work that Jello had just made a whole lot easier for us. And while I still think Jello pudding mixes have their purpose, now that I've had pudding from scratch, WOW. I have a whole new appreciation for pudding! Along the way, I thought it was all going to end up in the trash. It did NOT look good when moving it from the stove to the blender on the final run... but the blender made it all better! It tasted wonderful - a lot different than instant pudding - it wasn't really sweet, but more rich than normal...

The recipe was chosen by Melissa of It's Melissa's Kitchen - check out her blog for the recipe!

I found that the pudding was definitely the most challenging thing to photograph so far. Because it sat in the ramekins, when topped with coolwhip, you couldn't see the pudding, so I had to dig in and get some cross-sections. Dang the luck!

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