Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Floatsam - 09.04.09

- I am currently in the midst of reading 6 books. I've never been this bad before. hopefully I can wrap a few of them up soon just to get them out of the way! (p.s. I'm hoping The Shack makes a really good turn at the end, but as for now, there are some good truths in it, and somethings that have made me think, but the storyline is a little too out there for me. I'd recommend many other books over this one - beginning with 'Same Kind of Different As Me').

- Work is really crazy right now - trying to send 2 publications to print at the same time. And I'm behind on both of them. Add a huge heaping dose of frustration to this bulletpoint... I'll leave it at that.

- It's going to be a great year for Young Life. I can feel it. And I'm super excited about it! Here we go...

- Baking frenzy this weekend - Joanne's birthday, Build Your Burger Competition for YL leaders and baking for the troops (Baking GALS)... my kitchen is going to be crazy! I need to make sure all the goodies make their way OUT of my house!

- I've decided to quit Jazzercise. It's so much fun, but I can't make the classes enough to justify the cost. It's $40/month, which is double what I pay for my gym membership. And my gym has Cardio Mix classes at the same time. No reason I just shouldn't utilize that membership... Not to mention, I really only like 2 of the Jazzercise instructors, and 2 others are pretty good... and one of my favorites is moving to Austin. I know this is superficial, but whatever, it's time to take a break for now... I still love the program, but it doesn't work with my budget and schedule.

- Speaking of exercise, this week I went CRAZY on Monday (Elliptical that morning, Jazzercise after work and then walked 3.5 miles with Allison). Then I didn't sleep for crud thanks to an itchy puppy dog. Tuesday I was exhausted and couldn't force anything to happen. Wednesday followed suit. Thursday I was at work until 8:15. Friday I did tons of yardwork. So it wasn't the worst week, but still wasn't great. I have a plan for next week and it involves LOTS of gym time! Wish me luck!

- A couple of the books I'm reading through pertain to weightloss... My next steps are to set my goals and figure out what causes me to overeat, or make the wrong choices so much of the time. Oh, and to be WAY too lazy at times as well... Boredom? Entitlement? Sabotage? Not sure what it is just yet...

- I've officially given up on all Facebook games. They are ridiculous, and a total waste of time. I've been tempted, especially that dang bejewled blitz, but I've not given in since Tuesday night. It's a start!

- And to close, I'm lifting up a lot of friend's families today... it's been a rough week for some, and I hope healing comes to all very soon.

Wishing y'all many reasons to smile...


  1. Renee, I don't know if you're familiar with Julia Cameron but I have a number of friends who have raved about "The Writing Diet"; I've not read it myself but have done her "Artist's Way" program. Since I know that fitness/ getting in shape are something you are hard at work on- and that you're always game for spiritual growth- this might be a good "fit" for you.

  2. I'll check it out! Thanks Amalia! :o)