Monday, January 25, 2010

Top Cooking/Baking Blogs

Well, I've been baking and cooking, but I've been REALLY lazy when it comes to taking pictures. I'll try to remedy that in the near future...

One of the most asked questions I get is where I find all of the recipes I make. I literally follow hundreds of blogs, and I also subscribe to a number of email blasts from companues like Kraft, Allrecipes, My Recipes, Taste of Home, Pillsbury, Nestle, etc. etc. etc. In all honesty, I don't read all of the emails. And there are probably about 200 still sitting in my inbox unopened. If the subject seems like it might have something I'd like, I open it, otherwise it goes to the trash.

As far as managing the hundreds of blogs I follow, I use Google Reader, and I couldn't recommend anything more highly than that. It makes blog management a breeze! I have it categorized into 'Friends', 'Cooking/Baking', 'Inspirational' and 'Healthy Living', and then there are some that don't fit into any category...

Anyways - I thought I'd share my Top 10 Favorite cooking and baking blogs with y'all in case you're just getting started on the Google Reader thing, or if you already utilize it, but are looking for some new blogs to follow.

1. Pioneer Woman Cooks - It's REE, which I've mentioned on here before - she's insanely funny and a crazy good cook. I follow all sections of her blog (even homeschooling, which I don't do, but is interesting!), but the cooking part is the one I put into action most often. I've made tons of her recipes and haven't had one fail me yet!

2. Annie Eats - When going through Google Reader, it allows you to 'star' posts that you want to recall quickly at a later time. I do this, and when I star them I put them into food categories (appetizers, desserts (multiple sub categories on this one), soups, chicken, beef, sides, veggies, etc.). I recently realized that everytime a recipe is posted by Annie Eats, I star it. Which means that I like what she does, or as some would say, I'm smellin' what she's steppin' in... Ha ha! That might have gone a little too far considering we're talking about food here. Ooops.

3. Bakerella - I don't follow her so much for the recipes she uses, but she has the CUTEST design ideas ever. Have you seen cake pops in the past couple of years? Totally her doing. And she has them for every season and occasion under the sun! Not to mention tons of other cute ideas - I envy her creativity and vision!

4. The Southern Plate - Ok guys - I JUST found this one last week. And I spent a *little* too much of my free time this weekend going through it, and going through it, and going through it some more - link after link after link kept taking me places. A great blog, and some GREAT recipes. Especially cakes and comfort food. GREAT for my healthy eating goals, right? ;o)

5. Sugar Plum - The author of this blog, Emily, is so cute and quirky! And she comes up with the most amazing creations in the kitchen. I am totally floored and amazed that she has the ideas to come up with what she does - it's baffling to me, the recipe follower (i.e. non-creator). She's like a recipe prodigy (she's young)!

6. My Baking Addiction - Somehow she taps into my cravings. I bookmark a TON of her recipes and have made quite a few (you can find them linked in my posts). Great, approachable recipes with common ingredients - a win/win situation!

7. Bake or Break - Another dessert blog, and she has slowed down on her posting schedule, but when she does post, it promises to be a doozie! I've made multiple recipes from here as well, and recommend them ALL!

8. Picky Palate - This blog has a wide range of recipes - right now, she's on a healthy kick due to the start of the new year (which I very much appreciate!). In my mind, she's the queen of combination - she creates things with ingredients that are great on their own, but outstanding together! Another one that I 'star' a lot of recipes from...

9. My Kitchen Cafe - Another everyday, approachable blog. Great recipes, common ingredients.

10. Joy the Baker - Fun recipes - fun ideas. Just one that I simply enjoy reading...

Ok - so that's a small snapshot into the blogs that I love to read... I hope you find at least one that you didn't know about, but will enjoy! If you're looking for something specific, then let me know, I can likely point you in the right direction...


  1. Those are some of my favorites too! I'm familiar with about 8 out of the 10 you mentioned, but I'm definitely going to check out the other 2! Google Reader is SUCH a lifesaver, but it also makes it way too easy to read WAY too many blogs! :)

  2. I am alway on the look out for interesting cooking blogs thank for putting a few together in one convient place!!